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Vvaan Naturals

In the words of Michel Eyquem de Montaigne, “Nature knows her business better than we do”. The best way to maintain a healthy, happy puppy or kitty is to supplement their food with Natural, ingredients, that possess all naturally occurring essential synergistic co-factors, enzymes and transporters rich in health-giving nutrients that sustain and energise them and improve overall health.

Many Indians believe that a diet of chicken or fish in rice and turmeric is enough to thrive their pet. Unfortunately, this is not true. While this diet would keep the pet fed and full, it is not sufficient for the daily needs of their body. Like humans, they experience digestive issues, dental issues, growth issues and immunity disorders. At the same time, we should not forget their nutritional requirements and dietary needs are very different from humans.

Consistently preparing meals that could prevent or solve these problems is impossible with our daily schedules and limited understanding of pet nutrition. While commercial pet foods claim to use some of these ingredients, even they do not contain everything that is necessary.

The supplements required by Dogs and cats vary based on their specific diet and lifestyle. However for maintenance of health and to prevent stress or disease, pets need supplements that offer digestive enzymes, probiotics, anti oxidants, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids. Nature offers these critical nutrients through fruits, vegetables including sea veggies, essential oils sourced from plants and animals and herbs.

Natural supplements offer high bioavailability, as the ingredients used come from whole food, which means that the supplement’s absorption rate is very high. Absorption is a key factor when administering supplements to any living being. 

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People build Great Companies

A Great Company achieves excellence through people, is well known. Simply said, great companies are a winning combination of a group of passionate, committed & competent people who come together for an exciting purpose. These group of people love to work together & give their best to achieve their collective goal & win together.

Though it sounds simple, but probably is the hardest to accomplish across the various teams & levels in any organization. With each human being an individual personality, with his/her own experiences, beliefs, aspirations & competencies, the larger the organization greater is the level of complexity & challenge for the organization to achieve collective excellence in the pursuit to building a great organization.

When each individual is critical to success, no wonder, great companies ensure they have a robust and meticulous selection process, for they see selection as the gateway to success & the first step to building a winning team. They match their employeesskills and passions with the organizations needs. Each individual is selected not only based on competencies for the role, but also ensure fitment to the organization’s culture & values.

Its also not surprising that all great organizations have one thing in common, that they are led by great leaders. It is these leaders who drive clarity on purpose, values, vision & mission that inspires team members to own it & commit to the individual goals. Their behaviors drive the behaviors of other leaders and managers & thus the culture in the organization.

Managers in winning organizations are carefully selected & assiduously developed as they are considered critical levers of performance for winning organizations. These managers are coached and trained to lead from the front, ensure the effective execution of strategies through their team members & conduct business ethically within the policy framework of the organization. These managers live by organizational values & help to build a culture of passion, accountability, integrity & respect in their teams. Its this culture that cements the way individuals work in the organization. Eventually this leads to building a critical mass of differentiators & competitive superiority in the market place, that’s so difficult to copy for other companies.

Employees in Great Companies trust the people they work for and they are confident that they will be treated with fairness, respect, and honesty. Trust is a powerful retention tool and Great Companies honor that fact. Although the employees may not always agree with the decisions their leaders make, they do trust that the decisions will be ethical, legal, and ultimately best for them and the success of the company.

Once every individual in the organization knows WHAT to do HOW to do and lends his heart, mind to the “WHY" to do, the winning synergy & compounded effectiveness leads to a winning team & a great company.